Cashflows with Cash Matthews

39. Kenneth Baucum produces Cashflows with Cash Matthews

February 02, 2024 Cash Matthews, Kenneth Baucum Season 1 Episode 39
Cashflows with Cash Matthews
39. Kenneth Baucum produces Cashflows with Cash Matthews
Show Notes

Kenneth Baucum is a man of multiple talents. As the founder and President of Kenneth Baucum Photography (and video), Kenneth has become one of those guys that everyone can depend on.  His skill level has propelled his business, but his kind personality and humorous ability to work with all kinds of people has set him apart. Make sure to ask about his new career as a song producer and the new phrase that pays… “COOL STORY BRO”!

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Ever find yourself caught in the relentless whirlwind of planning, only to realize you haven't taken that bold leap towards your dream? That's where the 'fire, aim, ready' philosophy comes into play, a theme we explore with humor and verve on the latest episode of Cash Flows. Join me, Cash Matthews, as Kenneth Bakum of Kenneth Bakum Photography shares tales of his own eclectic journey—a testament to the power of diving headfirst into your passions, be it computer repair or the art of capturing moments through the lens. Together, we unpack the importance of setting budgets for your dreams and the beauty of building a kaleidoscope of skills.

Reflecting on the symphony of life's influences, I take a stroll down memory lane, from the squeaks of a pink plastic trumpet to the profound teachings that have orchestrated my path. The episode dances through the melodies of influential mentors—whether it's a high school band director or the timeless wisdom of Jesus, these maestros of guidance strike chords that resonate far beyond their immediate lessons. As a fellow dreamer, I share how these experiences have shaped my own journey, hoping to spark the same kind of momentum in your life.

Wrapping things up with a dose of nostalgia, we reminisce about the joys and japes of childhood, from walkie-talkie capers to the sibling rivalry of remote-controlled boats. It's a reminder of the lighter side of life that often fuels our drive to push forward with kindness, forgiveness, and community spirit. So whether you're an entrepreneur looking for that push or simply in need of a good chuckle, lend us your ears for an episode that promises to leave you inspired and ready to turn t

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